prickle butter

prickle butter

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prickle butter is a blend of oils and shea butter in a thick whipped form. this firm whipped butter comes with a spatula to allow you to hygienically scoop out the smooth butter for your uses.

use this as the last step in your routine to seal in moisture, reduce puffiness and irritation, and add a nice dewy glow.

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the stuff:

prickly pear oil: this non-comedogenic (aka wont clog your pores) oil is rich in amino acids that promote collagen production and cell turnover to reveal fresh skin. prickly pear oil also contains linoleic and oleic acids that keep skin plump. its high levels of vitamin k are said to brighten under eye circles and reduce dark spots. and last but not least, prickly pear oil has the highest amount of vitamin e (a natural antioxidant) in any face or body oil.

shea butter: shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that may calm redness and swelling. it also contains high levels of oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids that fight environmental toxins, helping skin turnover new cells. shea butter also contains nut oils that soak into the skin creating and barrier that seals in moisture.

green tea: green tea is steeped into the raw shea butter used to create prickle butter, infusing it with all of its skin benefits. green tea can help control skin oil products and is also very soothing, helping calm red, irritated skin. the vitamin b2 and vitamin e in green tea help maintain collagen levels and promote skin cell growth, resulting in youthful hydrated skin. last but not least, the caffeine in green tea can help constrict blood vessels reducing puffiness around the eye area for a refreshed look.

+tea tree oil, orange essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, cinnamon essential oil

always patch test!